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Download a PDF case study on how Experian helped Lindsay Cars manage risk and increase profitability.

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Credit risk management solutions

The Risk Report

The Risk Report was introduced as a result of extensive customer and industry research. By understanding how you use the information, we’ve been able to help you make faster and better credit risk decisions.

Risk Audit Plus

Risk Audit Plus provides you with an invaluable snapshot view of the credit risks and credit opportunities in your business’ customer base.

Vehicle History Information


Buying and selling vehicles can be a risky business. Autocheck's reliable vehicle history information will arm you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions at every stage of the process.

Vehicle Mileage Check

Inadvertantly selling a vehicle with inaccurate mileage information leaves you liable for prosecution under the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive. Our mileage investigation experts will carry out a thorough investigation to verify the accuracy of any vehicle's mileage.

Vehicle Value Audit

Establishing the true value of your current used vehicle stock is a necessary. Vehicle Value Audit is designed to simplify and streamline the stock valuation process while delivering highly accurate results.

Vehicle Stock Monitor

If you manage a large fleet of vehicles, getting up to date vehicle information for them all can be time consuming and tedious. Vehicle Stock Monitor is a simple and effective web-based vehicle checking system.

DVLA Keeper Enquiries

Investigating vehicle ownership directly with the DVLA can be a time consuming process for companies, involving written applications and cheque payments for each individual request. Experian's Keeper Enquiry system is quick and easy to use, requiring only a Vehicle Registration Mark to provide you with full vehicle owner details

Asset Event Manager

Vehicle fraud can cost you money and damage your reputation. Asset Event Manager has been designed in partnership with members of the finance industry to provide sophisticated and customisable reports to simplify this process.

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