Basic Disclosure

A Basic Disclosure can be rendered ineffective if a candidate has supplied false or inaccurate details. For that reason, you could carry out an Experian Identity Check before undertaking any Criminal Record Checks.

Why should you conduct a Basic Disclosure on your employees?

A Basic Disclosure is available for any role and is not restricted by industry sector. Whilst criminal record checks are mandatory for some positions, employee fraud runs a very real risk of damaging the integrity and reputation of any business. Therefore, we believe that, in most cases, a Basic Disclosure should be viewed as an integral part of your pre-employment checking process.

What does a Basic Disclosure tell you?

A Basic Disclosure will contain details of any unspent convictions a candidate might have, allowing employers to make a decision as to whether or not the candidate poses any potential risks.

Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, most convictions are considered to be ‘spent’ after a certain period of time, and if no further offence has taken place.

This period is different dependant on where in the UK you are, with Scotland convictions being seen as spent after 5 years, and England/Wales spent after a single year.

When requesting a Basic Disclosure Check, you must take into consideration where the majority of a role will be based, as you will need to order the check relevant for that location (i.e. if the role is based mainly in Edinburgh, with some work in Leeds, you would need a Scottish Disclosure Check.)

Turnaround time

The Basic Disclosure certificates are sourced from Disclosure Scotland for Scotland and Disclosure Barring Services for England and Wales. The market’s typical UK turnaround time is 10 - 15 days.

For Scottish checks via Disclosure Scotland, we will return a completed Basic Disclosure to you once we have finished our final quality assurance checks, but you can view all references and data checks online as soon as they are received. We are in a unique position in the market in that we offer an Early Warning Indicator for Disclosure Scotland checks which allows to provide a flag stating whether negative information has been found. This is normally provided within 4 days.

For England/Wales checks from Disclosure and Barring Service, the candidate has the choice if they want a copy of the certificate and where it is to be sent and they can complete this as part of their application form. Should you wish to see a copy, you will need to advise your candidate when they fill out their application form. As with the Scottish Checks, you will be able to view all references and data checks online as well. We now have a direct interface with Disclosure Barring Service that allows us to receive a flag after 3-4 hours to advise whether unspent information has been found on a report. This will allow us to improve our time to hire.



Basic Disclosure sample report

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Note: Not all employment positions are eligible for a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check. To check the DBS Eligibility Guidance please click here.


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