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  • What is a background check?
  • A background check is a screening solution for landlords and employers, highlighting key information that might affect a candidate’s ability to perform a role or a tenant’s ability to pay rent.

  • How long do background checks take?
  • The UK turnaround time is dependent on the type of background check being carried out. Adverse Financial Checks and Identity Checks can be carried out instantly.

    Media Checks, Sanctions File Checks, FCA Checks, and Directors Searches take around four hours. DVLA checks take eight hours.

    Personal References and Employment, Education, Professional and Technical Membership Referencing can take between 10-15 days to process.

    Basic Criminal Record Checks take between 14-21 days to process.

    Standard Criminal Record Checks can take up to four weeks, whilst enhanced Criminal Record Checks can take up to six weeks.

  • What are pre employment checks?
  • Pre-employment checks enable organisations to verify a candidate’s claims, while also confirming their ability to carry out a role.

    The types of checks we can carry out for you will vary depending on the nature of the role.

    Our pre-employment checks can include an identity check, employment and educational history, professional and technical membership, sanctions, media profiles and adverse financial status, while roles in certain industries will also necessitate a criminal record check.

    By using pre-employment screening, we can help you protect your organisation from application fraud and potential damage to reputation, integrity and profit that can arise from poor recruitment.

  • How do I get DBS checked?
  • Employers can request a Criminal Records Check (CRC check, now known as a DBS check) for certain roles. If you require a DBS check for your role, your employer can provide you with the relevant forms and information.

    Obtaining your own CRC is currently unavailable via this website, however should you require a CRC, this can be requested via the Disclosure and Barring Service website.

  • What is a reference check?
  • Reference checks are used to confirm the accuracy of a candidate’s employment and educational history, while filling in any employment gaps and vouching for their character and abilities. Numerous types of reference checks are available.

    Education references confirm a candidate’s attendance of their stated educational establishment, alongside any qualifications gained.

    Employment references confirm a candidate’s employment history and can be combined with professional and technical membership references, which confirm a candidate’s membership of official professional and technical bodies, alongside any positions and qualifications held.

    Personal references, also known as character references, are provided by someone who can vouch for a candidate’s character and abilities and can also be checked. We’ll confirm how long they have known the individual, their relationship and whether they would doubt their honesty and integrity.

  • Why is the option to request my own no longer available?
  • Changes have been made to the policy that govern how Criminal Record Checks are processed. This includes a requirement for the organisation requesting the check to see original documentation from the candidate. Experian advise that should you require a CRC to request your check through the official Disclosure and Barring Service website.

FAQs related to PAYG employee checks

  • What is a criminal records check?
  • As a small business it is possible to arrange Criminal Records Checks (CRC) for your business, which contains information about employee’s criminal convictions, and any other relevant information.

    This background check will include a ‘Basic CRC Certificate’. These are supplied to us by Disclosure Scotland and the Disclosure Barring Service, who between them provide criminal records checks for the whole of the UK, and will either provide information about unspent convictions or state that there are no convictions.

    Some jobs, including those in schools or healthcare, will require a specific background check, either a ‘Standard’ or ‘Enhanced’ criminal record check. You cannot arrange these checks on yourself, as they are carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service and can only be requested by the employer.

    To find out more, click here.

  • What is an identity check?
  • Our Identity Check (ID check) accesses certain data sources to confirm that the person we’re checking is who they say they are. An identity check is usually the first step in a background check, as it allows us to assure employers that the individual has supplied the correct information to them and isn’t a fraudster or criminal using someone else’s identity.

  • What is an adverse financial check?
  • Where an individual has paid all direct debits and other financial commitments on time, they’ll receive a clear financial check.

    However, where payments have been missed, they have received County Court Judgements (CCJs) or Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), or been declared bankrupt, these will be highlighted on the report of their financial check.

    We do this by searching public and private records, carrying out searches on the address/es we know they have lived at previously.

    We do it to give you peace of mind, so you can make more informed decisions. Knowing someone has a good financial history can give you added confidence, especially where they may be applying for a role that involves cash or budgets.

  • What do I do if my candidate queries the report?
  • If your candidate believes there could be an error on your report, they will need to contact the party with which the dispute is with:

    • Confirmation of employment details — Contact their previous employer
    • Adverse Financial query — Our Customer Service team on 0333 0000 237
    • Criminal Records Check — They will need to contact the issuing body
  • What information does the candidate need to provide to carry out a check?
  • Following the request, your candidate will receive an application form to complete, based on the levels of checks you have requested. They will be advised there what information and documentation is required. This may include:

    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Mother’s maiden name
    • National Insurance number
    • Five–year address history (up to present day)
    • Previous job history
    • Education history

    To carry out your criminal records check, we will also require copies of proof documents (1x proof of identity and 1x proof of residency). Click the button below for a list of the acceptable documents:

    Click here

    The documents can be supplied to us by email or post. Please be aware that reports can be delayed if you do not provide all the information above on your application.


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