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Experian can run invaluable FCA Checks, helping you to meet compliancy requirements with a streamlined service and a fast UK turnaround time.

The Financial Conduct Authority oversee the conduct of over 25,000 financial firms, and they impose tough penalties on any companies or individuals who do not meet their standards. An FCA Check from Experian is an invaluable solution for businesses to reduce the risks of employee fraud, protect against sanctions and prevent damages to reputation and integrity.

About the check

An FCA Check is required to screen and approve applicants before they are authorised to conduct certain types of business in the financial sector. These include the selling or advising on such investments as personal or stakeholder pensions, life assurance policies, shares, and collective investment schemes.

The Financial Conduct Authority is constantly working to ensure that firms take appropriate steps to safeguard against the risks of employee fraud. They will take action against any firm found using corrupt or unethical methods. Therefore, it is vital that you screen your candidates with an Experian FCA Check, to help protect your business from any risks of reputational damage.

An FCA Check will confirm:

  • All current and previous controlled functions
  • All current and previous appointed representatives
  • Any disciplinary details on a candidate’s record

Background checking can be confusing, frustrating and time consuming for businesses. When the checks are mandatory and the penalties for non-compliance are so high, it is understandable that many are daunted by the prospect. Outsourcing background checks to a third party helps businesses to remain compliant whilst saving valuable time and money. We will handle every stage of the process, making an FCA Check from Experian a convenient and cost-effective solution to your screening requirements.



FCA Check sample report

Turnaround time

We will manually conduct an FCA Check within four hours of receiving the submission. Our reports are clear, concise and accessible, designed to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of your background checking and recruitment choices.

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