What is a background check?

The best decisions require much more than guess work, which is why Experian offers a range of background checking services. Whether you’re an employer or a landlord, knowing who you’re dealing with can help you to make better decisions. Our background checks provide a detailed history and understanding of an individual’s background, including their identity, education, employment history, credit history and any relevant criminal record information, so you’ll know who to trust from the start. It can take the pressure off decision-making processes within recruitment, and even with prospective tenants. A full background check can confirm the information you are provided with is valid and help to safeguard against potentially negative aspects, including fraudulent activity, income loss or damage to your reputation.

Who would use a background check?

Employers in all industries can benefit from using background checks in their recruitment process. It not only helps employers decide on who would be a good fit for their company, but helps to minimise any risk of fraud, income loss, damage to reputation and so much more, as checks flag up any discrepancies in an individual’s history.

Landlords can also benefit from detailed background checks, minimising the risk taking on tenants who are more likely to fall behind on their rent or bills. It takes the guesswork out of choosing tenants and provides landlords with all the necessary information they need to make an educated decision on who to rent to, whether it’s a commercial or residential property.

The benefits of a background check with Experian

  • We’ve been in the business of data for a long time, giving us a wealth of information and experience that could help with your needs.
  • Our online screening process is simple, fast, efficient and cost-effective.
  • Our online screening can also be integrated with existing systems and processes, so there is no waiting around for it to be installed or merged.

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