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The better you know and understand your prospects, the better equipped you are to convert them into a customer. And the better you know your customers, the easier it is to develop them into valuable long term relationships. So when you're looking at creating a B2B direct marketing list, wouldn't it be a good idea to choose one which gives you knowledge way beyond what you can see on the surface?

The simple fact is it's not just things like size, turnover and location that define your prospects and affect their likelihood of becoming a customer. It's also down to their personality, attitudes and approach. Are they a high flyer? A start-up? A first year survivor? A diversifying specialist? A small scale supplier? All these factors will affect their response to you, so being able to filter your B2B direct marketing list data by this information can result in a number of benefits:

  • Save time and money - target the best prospects
  • Get more genuine responses - improve the quality of your hot leads
  • Convert more sales - improve your return on investment
Tips for successful campaign planning


Know what message you want to get across, how you want to communicate and who you want to communicate with. What kind of customer relationship are you trying to create?


Work out the costs of your B2B direct mail campaign before you embark on any activity


Contacting the right people with the right offer at the right time will substantially increase your chances of success. Careful targeting and a good B2B mailing list can help with this.


Every letter you send should have a specific purpose. Make sure the tone and language is appropriate and be inventive. Opening your letter may be the first impression a potential new customer gets of your business.


There are lots of companies that can help with your direct mail campaign. They can advise you on costs and best practice, making sure your campaigns are cost effective and expertly managed.

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Accurate data & Experian 'Gone Away' Offer

We take pride in the accurace of our direct marketing mailing list and ensuring they are up-to-date. In order to help maintain the integrity of our data we offer '2 for 1' replacement records for every 'Gone Away' returned to us within 90 days of data purchase - subject to a Gone Away form being completed and sent to the required parties below.

What is a Gone Away?

'Gone Aways' are those mailings that are undeliverable by the Royal Mail. If you have a "sender" address on your mailings, the Royal Mail will return any undelivered mail to you and provide a reason for the non delivery.

Experian class the following reasons for non delivery as a 'Gone Away'

  • Addressee Gone Away
  • Addressee Unknown
  • No such address

Other reasons may also be provided such as 'refused' but these are not accepted by Experian as a 'Gone Away' as the address can be delivered to.

Will Experian refund 'Gone Aways' data?

We offer '2 for 1' replacement records for every 'Gone Away' returned to us within 90 days of data purchase - subject to a Gone Away form being completed and sent to the required parties.

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