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Debt Management Data and Services

Build debt management strategies that are effective, efficient and fair to customers.

As the level of personal debt in the UK is rising*, it is increasingly important that as a credit provider you are working with individuals to help them reduce their levels of debt quickly and in a controlled manner.

By understanding the challenges you face, we can help you to comply with regulatory requirements, whilst optimising your debt strategies to ensure you deliver the best experience for your customers.

Who’s it for?

Experian’s debt management data and services are being used by Utilities, credit card, personal loan and mortgage providers. Telecommunications and automotive finance providers have also benefited from using our data and services.

Key Benefits

Experian’s debt management data can help you to:

  • Identify customers that may need help, allowing you to prioritise them and agree a repayment plan that suits both parties
  • Enrich contact data to ensure you are contacting the correct customer, making it easier to reach out to customers before they get in to any financial stress

Experian’s debt management services can help you to:

  • Build long lasting relationships with customers by getting a deeper understanding of their individual circumstances and characteristics to build more personalised repayment plans and therefore form stronger relationships
  • Resolve repayment problems earlier allowing you to reduce the number of accounts that move into late stage debt management recovery

Experian can also offer the software to help you manage your debt recovery processes. Click HERE for more information.

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