Predict business failure over the next 12 months - Commercial Delphi

All businesses are subject to change, so how can you know which customers will pay you, and will still be secure in the future?

You can manage potential business credit risk with Commercial Delphi scorecards, using an in-depth credit score system to predict the continuing stability of your customers.

What are Commercial Delphi scorecards?

Commercial Delphi is one of the market leading business credit scores that uses an intelligent rating system to accurately predict business credit risks and failure within the next 12 months. It combines multiple scorecards, using a mixture of different variables depending on the size of the business.

How can Commercial Delphi scorecards help you?


What Commercial Delphi scorecards contain:


A blend of data

  • A blend of integrated consumer and business information
  • Unique business credit risk score incorporating directors’ commercial track record, directors, consumer track record, financial trend information and payment performance


Risk scoring

  • View credit ratings and credit scores with our view of credit that could reasonably be offered
  • Integrated risk score that combines size and age of business, industry sectors, geographical region and the consumer score of the people behind the business
  • View adverse information including CCJs, bankruptcies, director track record, payment information and financial trend analysis


Risk assessment

  • See the risk of business failure within the next 12 months
  • Accurately predict business closures, dissolutions and cash flow problems

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Commercial Delphi can also be used to maximise marketing efforts against your current customer portfolio.

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