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Why is data profiling important?

Where are the weaknesses in your data landscape? How is your data structured and utilised? How are your core services and business functions impacted by the quality of the data they consume?

These are not questions for the IT department but for the whole organisation.

Data profiling helps you to understand what problems exist and what actions need to be taken. Profile your data to help improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and increase customer satisfaction.


How does your organisation benefit?

The key difference over other data profiling solutions is rapid time-to-value.

Your teams need to be productive with minimal training and this is where our platforms excel.

of an average organisation's data is inaccurate

trust their data to make key decisions within the business


* Source: Global Data Management Research 2018



Correlation Design

A unique correlated repository stores one instance of each value, allowing instant data profiling analysis, relationship discovery and incredibly fast operation.


Global Search

The correlated repository allows instant search results of patterns, metrics, values and defects across your entire data landscape, empowering both business and technical users.


Data Prototyping

Now you can prototype business rules, data transformations, standardisation, cleansing, enrichment and calculations to accurately simulate change impacts.


Relationship Discovery

Cross-system Relationship Discovery is available instantly - no need for the time-consuming batch processing of other tools.


Automated Defect Detection

Automatically discover broken keys, orphaned records and thousands of content quality issues using highly intuitive fault detection features.



Download our Free Data Profiler and get value from your data in minutes

The Free Data Profiler is a user-friendly and powerful data profiling tool that can help people across all of your business to discover patterns and meaning in your data.

Whether they need to quickly spot trends, or you have a team managing a data quality project - the Free Data Profiler allows you to upload data and drive monetary value in minutes.

Only available to UK registered companies

  • Self-service data profiling
  • Analyse 50+ million records across 50 tables
  • Proactively analyses your data to find relationships and potential issues
  • Complete profile of all your data - no sampling!
  • Analyse data from different systems and across multiple tables
  • Create custom rules for effortless data quality reporting 


Download the free profiler

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