Identity and Adverse Financial Checks

Protect your business by making our identity and adverse financial checks an invaluable part of your employment screening process

What are identity and adverse financial checks?

They ensure you have up-to-date information and background research on any would-be-employees and current employees, no matter what sector you work in. Our checks collate information from some of the most trust worthy databases, including the electoral role, and can provide identity authentication for UK residents. We collate information from one of the UK’s largest consumer databases to run adverse financial checks on specific individuals, highlighting any discrepancies or gaps in a potential employees’ financial history. Our checks will give you peace of mind, while protecting your business’ reputation, finances and confidential data.

Why you need identity and adverse checks

While identity and background checks are second nature in specific industries, like banking and the medical industry, they are often overlooked by the majority of businesses in the UK. They should, however, be a standard practice and a basic requirement in any recruitment process to minimise any risk to the business. Particularly if employees are going to be handling sensitive information, or are privy to financial information.

How our checks work

Our candidate verifier system is designed to be simple and stress free. It is not only convenient, but cost-effective, as it does away with time-consuming manual checks. This can be easily incorporated into your existing recruitment platform, so there are no lengthy integration periods, and it can be used to screen both potential employees and monitor existing employees. Our checks can deliver clear, concise and detailed reports almost instantly, allowing you to make educated decisions based on facts and figures.

More Information

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How can I order reports?

I am a business
I want 1-10 checks per year

Online service includes

  • Basic Criminal Record Check
  • Identity Check
  • Adverse Financial Check
  • Only £54.99 incl. VAT

I am a business
I want 11+ checks per year

Managed service includes

  • Basic, standard or enhanced Criminal Record Checks
  • Identity Check
  • Adverse Financial Checks
  • Validation Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Contact us for bespoke service and pricing
Note: Not all employment positions are eligible for a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check. To check the DBS Eligibility Guidance please click here.


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