Business Intelligence and Alerts

Proactive alerts for proactive responses

UK and International Alerts for a comprehensive range of criteria

Stay up-to-date, receive alerts when something changes:

  • Quickly know about changes that could affect you with email notifications
  • Be the first to know if a business may not be able to pay
  • Prioritise your workflow properly
  • Manage risk and improve cash flow by receiving notifications whenever there's been a change to your customers or suppliers accounts

Business changes could include:

  • Change of company name
  • Change of credit rating
  • Change of credit limit
  • Change of head office address
  • Change of director or business structure
  • Change in payment performance

Decide which businesses or portfolio you want to monitor and how you want to monitor them. You can then prioritise alerts with varying levels of urgency, helping you improve credit account monitoring, prioritise workload, manage risk and take the most appropriate action.


Integrate our data

Quickly stream and integrate our comprehensive data into your own systems, workflows, websites and products with our Business Information APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

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"We're now able to combine our experience with insight gained from BusinessIQ to make fast and accurate decisions."
– Jane Hext, CEO, Santia Consulting Ltd

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