Credit rating advice for armed forces personnel

Advice for armed forces personnel

If you are based overseas or in a UK barracks, or have been recently, this can make it a little more difficult to build a credit history and have a lender quickly and easily assess your creditworthiness. This could be because your address is outside of the UK, is in an unusual format, or simply because you have to move address often.

We have created this dedicated page to bring together some advice from Experian and others to help you deal with these challenges, so you can hopefully build a good credit history and get the credit you deserve.

Getting your credit report

It’s sensible to check your credit reports from time to time with each of the three credit reference agencies. Lenders use this information to help make decisions about new credit applications you make and about existing credit you have, such as loans, credit cards, bank accounts and mobile phone contracts. It can also be used to help check your identity, for example when you apply for a savings account or to buy shares.

Checking your report is particularly important if you are about to apply for credit, have recently been refused credit, believe there may be a discrepancy on your report or simply wish to explore how you might be able to improve your credit rating.

Building a great credit rating

When lenders carry out a credit check they are generally looking for proof you exist, evidence that you’ve paid managed credit well in the past, and information about any credit you have at the moment. So it’s helpful if your credit report shows that you are registered on the electoral roll at your current address and includes some well-managed current and past credit agreements.

If you are based at an overseas barracks, or have been recently, there may be gaps in your credit history and in your electoral (voter) registration history. Check out the following links for information and advice on this.

Getting help

If you are experiencing difficulties obtaining your credit report or need help or advice about a credit report you have already received please and we will do our best to help you.

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