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How Credit Aware are you?

"In our data-driven world, being credit-aware is the new streetwise. Getting anything from a mortgage to a mobile phone can rely on what lenders think about your credit data. Despite this, 53% of people in the UK have never checked their credit report – and a whopping 74% don’t know their current credit score."

Skip your next selfie

"18-year-olds are twice as likely to be on Instagram than on the electoral roll"

10 Ways Recycling Can Benefit Your Finances

"Concerns about the effect of single use plastic bottles on the environment have been growing"

How to boost chances of getting your dream home

"Owning a home is a pipedream for more than half of millennials who don't think it will ever happen for them"

Loans for bad credit

Got a low credit score? You may still be able to get a loan – here’s how

Loans for debt consolidation

Thinking about combining your debts under one loan? Here’s what to consider

Low interest loans

A lower rate means you’ll pay less interest. Learn more about getting a low rate

Payday loans explained

Find out how payday loans work, what to consider, and how to manage them

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