Questions about applying for credit

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Can a letting agent see my credit report?

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Can I stop you holding my information?

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Can I open a bank account while I’m still bankrupt?

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How long should I wait before resubmitting mortgage application?

How can we correct inaccurate car history listing?

How can I remove my name from your marketing database?

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Who calculates my credit score and how do search footprints affect it?

How often can you take advantage of the CreditExpert free trial?

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How does a statutory report differ from others?

Can you help us with spelling challenge?

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Why was I refused credit with a good credit score?

Can you explain basic bank account snub?

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How can I stop my vulnerable son accessing further credit?

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Why can’t I get credit?

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Can you resolve our mortgage rejection puzzle?

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How can I build a credit history in the UK?

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Am I being penalised for a lack of credit history?

Can I check my Experian credit report and score even though my recent previous address is in France?

Have I been refused credit because of my family?

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