When will my default drop off my report?

Dear James,

I had a credit card account that went into default in 2006. I have since satisfied the account, so when will the default be removed from my credit report? Will it be six years from date of default or six years from date of being satisfied?

Richard, Stourbridge

Dear Richard,

The default will stay on your credit report for six years from the default date, so it should disappear sometime during 2012. While lenders tend to concentrate on your most recent credit history when assessing new credit applications, a four-year-old default might still cause you problems. As a result, if you defaulted on the agreement for a good reason – such as losing your job or a serious illness – you might benefit from explaining this on your report. Simply send us a statement of up to 200 words describing any relevant circumstances and we’ll add this to your report for you. The note (called a notice of correction) will drop off your report when the default goes. (April 2012)


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