Will my details be included on my husband’s report?

Dear James,

My husband is requesting his credit report; will my details and accounts show on this? We have no joint accounts or credit agreements.

Kaz, London

Dear Kaz,

From what you say it is unlikely your husband will see anything relating to you on his credit report at all. If you did share a financial connection he would then see your name in the section of his report entitled ‘Financial Associations’. Although this would allow his lenders to look at both of your credit reports (and, of course, your lenders too), on his report he would see just his own records plus any joint accounts, but not any financial records registered in your name only. Any financial association between you would show on both of your reports, so if you want to double-check there is definitely no link registered between you, you simply need to review a copy of your own report. (November 2012)


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