Will my poor credit history follow me to Spain?

Dear James,

If I move to Spain will my adverse credit history here be applicable to any lending in Spain or will I be able to start afresh as long as I continue to pay my DMP here?

Laurence, Peterborough

Dear Laurence,

If you move to Spain your UK credit history will not be transferred to a credit reference agency there. Furthermore, credit reports are not generally available to lenders across national borders, so if you approach a lender based in Spain it cannot contact a UK credit reference agency and ask to see your UK credit report data. There is, however, a possibility that if you approach a lender that is based in both Spain and the UK, it could seek your permission for its UK arm to run a credit check here and then use that to help inform its decision to lend in Spain. Importantly, credit checks can only be carried out with your permission, so if this latter scenario becomes a prospect you should be made aware of it in advance, giving you the opportunity to consider your options. Of course, you really should repay your DMP before taking out new credit elsewhere, whether in the UK or abroad. Assuming your DMP has been set up by a third party provider, you should have committed to keeping them informed of any changes to your personal circumstances, particularly any that affect your ability to repay your existing debts as quickly as possible. (March 2012)


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