Has marriage reset my credit history?

Dear James,

I have been refused credit today which has never happened before. After considering why I presume the fact that I have recently got married and changed my surname might have affected this as I have not changed my surname on the electoral roll yet. I will change this immediately, however, would my new surname mean I would have to start my credit history again? I have a good credit rating and wouldn’t want to affect this.

Laura, Redditch

Dear Laura,

Sorry to hear about your credit refusal. Only the lender can tell you why your application was unsuccessful so it’s certainly worthwhile asking them to shed some light on this, if you haven’t done so already. Based on what you say, it is possible that a lack of electoral roll details in your new name could have played a part, but I’m not so sure. As long as you included details of your previous name on your credit application form, the lender should have included both names on the credit check. This will have created an ‘alias’ link between the two names, ensuring that information in both names was returned on your credit report, and will be in the future. So speak to the lender to see what you can find out and have a look at your credit report to make sure everything is in order. The change to your electoral roll entry may not take effect for a few months while your local council carries out its annual canvass, but it will eventually update on your credit report. Congratulations on your recent wedding by the way! I recommend you read our Living Together guide for helpful advice about credit reports and couples, including the effect of linking up your credit report with your partner’s. (March 2012)


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