Will son’s bank debt affect my credit rating?

Dear James,

My son has moved abroad and given his bank my address though he has never lived here. They are chasing him for over £3000 overdraft.  The last letter I got from them said that the next letter will be a termination notice and they will be recording it at a credit reference agency.  Will this affect my credit rating?

Lorna, Bedfordshire

Dear Lorna,

You shouldn’t need to worry. Although it hasn’t always been the case, these days credit checks are on people not addresses. People can be linked, but only if they apply for joint credit together or one agrees to act as guarantor for the other. Assuming neither of these scenarios applies to you, your credit rating will not be affected by financial information recorded in your son’s name at your address. If you’re not sure, apply for a copy of your credit report and check the section about financial associations. If you son’s name is not included then there is no link. You should either forward your son’s post on to him abroad or return it to the sender marked ‘no longer at this address’. (July 2014)


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