Can I legally obtain my late mother’s credit report?

Dear James,

I am acting as executor of my mother's will. I am aware of an outstanding loan of my mother’s but have no idea who with. Can I request a report to find out please? I know it will tell me but I'm unsure if I am legally able to request it.

Siobhan, Kidderminster

Dear Siobhan,

I’m really sorry to hear about your mother’s death. A copy of your mother’s credit report will show the identity of the lender in question. It might also reveal one or two other agreements that need attention. As the executor of the will you are certainly entitled to order a copy of your mother’s report. Simply print out, complete and send us a free statutory credit report application form along with proof that you are the executor. You should also send us two original documents dated within the last three months that confirm your residency at the address you would like us to send the report to (such as a bank statement, utility bill or council tax bill). We will return these to you. Once the report arrives, if you do find open credit agreements we will happily initiate contact with the relevant lenders for you if you send us a copy of the death certificate. It would also be wise to contact your mother’s local council to ask them to remove her name from the electoral roll at the next opportunity. And if you want to stop marketing offers continuing to be sent out, you can register the death with the Mailing Preference Service. While you are sorting our your mother’s estate you might consider arranging to search Experian’s Unclaimed Assets Register to check to make sure she hasn’t left any assets such as life insurance, shares or pensions. There is a one-off charge of £25 for this. (April 2012, updated April 2018)


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