Can you resolve our mortgage rejection puzzle?

Dear James,

My partner and I have applied for a mortgage and been declined, but both our scores are good. However, the reason I was given was that we did not give accurate addresses at the application stage. We are almost positive that this is correct is there any way in which we can correct any problem or receive the details that the lender has regarding the addresses so we can confirm whether it’s correct?

Karl, Newcastle upon Tyne

Dear Karl,

It rather sounds like the mortgage provider has found some adverse information at an address that you didn’t include on your mortgage application form. I think the best place for you to start is to review the addresses you have provided on your Experian membership profile. You both need to make sure you have included all of the addresses you have been associated with over the past six years. If you have missed any off then you won’t be viewing your full report and/or score, so the score you’ve had from them may not represent your true situation. You can add any missing addresses by clicking on the ‘Your Account’ button which you’ll find on most pages next to the ‘Log Out’ button. Because we hold a record of linked addresses on your credit report, lenders can usually discover and search your full address history regardless of what information you volunteer. Any omissions can understandably look suspicious. If you find your profile is complete it might be a good idea to contact our Customer Support Centre to see whether they can shed any light on this for you. Good luck. (June 2012)


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