Why are IVA debts listed on my report separately?

Dear James,

I have received a copy of my credit report. I am under an IVA but there are items that are included in the IVA showing as unsettled on my report.  Will these items appear on my credit report as in default until the IVA is settled?  Or should they not be showing at all?

Jodie, Desborough

Dear Jodie,

Although your debts are being repaid using an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA), it is quite usual to find them listed separately on your credit report. These records simply show how you have managed each credit agreement and will continue to be updated to show each debt reducing as you progress through your IVA. Once your IVA ends, the lenders in question should mark their entries as satisfied. They may also include a note to reflect that your debts were only partially repaid through insolvency. Registering each debt separately is standard practice, but if you’re worried that future lenders might not be clear that all of the debts were included in your IVA you could add a note to your credit report explaining this. As the defaults will pre-date your IVA, they should have disappeared from your credit report by the time the IVA goes. Read our fact sheet on IVAs and credit reports for more information. (June 2012)


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