Can I access sick mother’s credit report?

Dear James,

My mother was suddenly admitted to hospital having been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Unfortunately, she has also suddenly become mentally incapacitated and I am in the process of looking into gaining access to her financial affairs.  Ultimately, when she passes away I am also the executor for her will. However, I do need to know with whom she currently has financial dealings and if any bills need actioning in the meantime, so I was wondering if I am able, as her daughter, to see her credit report. Any advice gladly received. Thanks.

Alex, Manchester

Dear Alex,

I’m really sorry to hear about your mother’s condition and I hope we can help you tidy up any outstanding financial matters. Getting a copy of your mother’s credit report can be very useful, of course, as it will list any outstanding credit agreements in her name, helping you identify any accounts that need sorting out. To send you a copy of your mother’s report, however, you will first need to obtain a ‘property and affairs lasting power of attorney’ or a copy of the first general order confirming your appointment by the Court of Protection as Deputy. 

Once you have one of these, please send us a copy through the post along with a completed credit report application form and we’ll do the rest.  The address to write to is Customer Support Centre, Experian Ltd, PO BOX 9000, Nottingham, NG80 7WF.  When you get the report it will include contact details for any organisations listed on it, to help you deal with any outstanding accounts. If you have any problems doing this our Customer Support Centre will be on hand to offer support. You might also like to raise an enquiry with our Unclaimed Assets Register to see whether your mother has lost touch with any assets such as pensions and life policies. There is a one-off fee of £25 for this service. (October 2012, updated April 2018)


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