Can I stop you holding my information?

Dear James,

How do I go about revoking permission for you to hold any information on me?

Gordon, Leeds

Dear Gordon,

Credit reference agencies (CRAs) don't really work like that I'm afraid. We're licensed to operate a CRA and registered with the Information Commissioner's Office to hold and process personal data. The lenders that use our services require the data sharing we facilitate to run their businesses offering credit.  This is why, when you take out a new credit agreement, each lender gives you clear and prominent notification of what personal data will be collected, stored and shared - and, importantly, for what purposes. This forms a part of your agreement with the lender and is not something you can later withdraw.  Banks and other lenders have a legitimate business interest to share and store this information with us. But, importantly, this is done with your knowledge and is very much in the interests of you and your lenders; past, present and future. (October 2013)


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