When will my electoral roll details appear on my report?

Dear James,

Just a quickie! I was wondering on what dates does it show you are on the electoral roll on Experian. I have had the letter of confirmation from the council. Just wondering when the information will be updated?

David, Birmingham

Dear David,

It’s important for credit ratings and identity checks to make sure you register on the electoral roll and that you re-register quickly after moving home, so I’m glad you clearly have this in mind. If you registered before the 18 October (in England and Northern Ireland – it’s 18 November for Scotland and Wales) then your details should be coming through to us anytime and be added to your credit report as part of our monthly electoral roll update. Any registrations made after these dates will be updated as part of what’s called the ‘annual canvass’, which is when councils consult all households to effectively carry out an audit of voters. This process has now commenced and while it takes place the monthly updates are suspended. New registrations are rolled up into new electoral registers that we receive and process when they become available from February 2014. We hope to complete this process by 1 April. Next year we’ll be moving to a system of monthly individual voter registration. This was introduced into Northern Ireland in 2002 but this year they are carrying out an additional canvass as well. If the inclusion of your electoral roll details in your credit report is delayed because of the annual canvass process you might consider adding a notice of correction to your credit report advising lenders you have registered and offering to show them proof from your local council. (November 2013)

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