Is email about my credit report genuine or a scam?

Dear James,

I have had an e-mail from Jennifer Burd of the Credit Awareness Bureau. She informs me that a 30 day delinquency notice has been added to my credit report. She invites me to click on a link to check it and have it removed if I think it is incorrect. Is this e-mail genuine?

Vivienne, Caersws

Dear Vivienne,

In a word, no! Companies cannot check your credit report without your consent so this firm has no idea what’s recorded on your report. I suspect this is either a scam, perhaps a phishing expedition attempting to trick people into sharing personal details, or it might simply be a misguided email from a firm based in the US or spam. Either way, my advice is the same: don’t click on the link and delete the email. If you’re curious or worried about the contents of your credit report then it’s never been easier to get hold of a copy. At Experian you can either order a free one-off statutory report or you can check out CreditExpert, our interactive subscription service available to new customers on a 30-day trial. Either way, your report will come with expert advice on understanding it, dealing with any issues should you find any, as well as action you might be able to take to strengthen your credit history, to help you get credit when you want it and at the cheapest interest rates. (January 2014, updated April 2018)


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