How do I ensure my credit report shows I have recently satisfied a court debt?

Dear James,

I have recently repaid a debt under a court order, my creditors agent has sent me a letter to confirm that the debt is paid. What is the correct process to have my credit report reflect that the debt is settled?

Nigel, Harlow

Dear Nigel,

You probably have a County Court Judgment (CCJ) registered against you. Now that it has been fully repaid, the creditor (or its agent) should notify the court to enable them to update the public record. We and the other credit reference agencies update our records from this. If you want to check this, simply obtain an up-to-date copy of your credit report in a few weeks' time. If the change has not been made you should contact the court and ask them for advice. The court can send you a Certificate of Satisfaction if you want one, which will cost you £15. If you paid the debt within a calendar month of the court order, the CCJ will be removed from your credit report. Otherwise, the CCJ will remain on your report for six years but will show as satisfied. If the creditor is a member of Experian's credit account sharing scheme, you may find a separate default listed on your credit report too. If this is the case, make sure the creditor also updates this entry. Defaults are kept on your report for six years regardless of when they are paid. If you wish, you can make it clear to future organisations checking your report that the two entries relate to the same debt. Simply send us a short note explaining this and we'll attach it to both entries. You could also explain in your note any special circumstances behind the debt, such as redundancy or illness, and future enquirers will see this and may take it into account. (November 2012)


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