How can I get credit from my barracks address when I don't vote there?

Dear James,

I am currently serving in the armed forces and due to my job I end up moving all over the place and all over the world (18 moves in three years). I registered to vote at my parents' address because I can't register to vote from my barracks because I keep moving, but I keep getting turned down for credit because I am not on the electoral roll at my army address! Is there any way of sorting this?

David, Inverness

Dear David,

Yes there is. Lenders use the electoral roll to confirm your name and address. As you are on the electoral roll at your parents' address, give that as your current address when you apply for credit. I'm assuming that your parents are happy to forward your mail to your barracks address. This is actually a good idea in terms of protecting yourself against identity fraud, too. You don't want your personal details floating around as your mail tries to follow you around the world. I'm sure you'll never have arrears but you can reassure your parents that even if you did, they need not worry as your credit history would not affect theirs - people are only linked on a credit reference agency database if they have actual financial links, such as a joint loan or mortgage. (November 2011)


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