How do I remove fraudulent entries from my credit report?

Dear James,

I think somebody has been using my name as I have one address that I have never heard of on my credit report and a few misspellings of places I have lived at. Also I have credit that was tried to be obtained in my name at an address I moved out of and markers on my credit report from companies I have never heard of or applied for credit from. How do I go about getting these removed and do I need to prove I never lived at the address or never applied for the credit.

Christina, Gorleston

Dear Christina,

I'm afraid to say that the number of people contacting us for help resolving identity fraud is still growing. Like you, most victims of identity fraud first discover the problem by checking their credit report. Don't panic - simply contact our Customer Support Centre making it clear your identity has been compromised. If any of the organisations involved need proof of address we'll let you know and put you in touch with them directly. We will help you clear up the debris on your credit report and, if necessary, we will suggest security measures to make sure any further fraud attempts are unsuccessful. We will also alert the other credit reference agencies for you, so they can contact you about any information they hold. (November 2012)


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