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We want to continue to develop data sources that you want and need, and welcome your suggestions. Please complete the form below or email us with your ideas.

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At Experian, we live and breathe data. It powers our products and solutions and drives our passion to delight our customers with solutions that create demonstrable results for their business.

We even created this site as a place where you can explore our latest data developments and solutions and you can tell us what data sources or solutions you would like us to supply (which we don't currently). And while you’re here, take some time to listen to our data experts tell stories about their innovations, and take a look behind the scenes at where the bureau lives.

Meet the team

Jonathan Westley

Managing Director, Experian Consumer Information Services.

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Sean Hutchins

Head of Product Management for Experian’s consumer bureau products.

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Paul Speirs

Head of Data and Business Development at Experian.

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Geoff Hunkin

Heads up Experian’s Client Consulting team for our UK&I Credit Services business.

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