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As the credit risk landscape evolves, so do we. Yet we remain driven by our passion for creating solutions to solve important problems, perfecting those solutions and delighting our customers. Our culture of innovation is thriving as Experian continues to grow and lead the way in developing solutions and harnessing the power of data.

Take a look below to see the latest advances and insights, and learn how Experian is bringing in new data sources to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future.

Property Data

From understanding how much equity your customers have left in their property, to knowing when a property is put up for rent or sale, Experian holds a wealth of property data. You can target and acquire profitable customers, mitigate risk and improve collections.
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ExPin is the new platform which will power all of our products and solutions. ExPin's state of the art matching capabilities and targeting routines will link all the credit information available on an individual to a unique number, regardless of possible variations in that individual’s data. It will ensure better treatment of the customer, as well as enable greater accuracy than ever before.
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Rental Data

The Rental Exchange wll enable lenders to identify tenants with more certainty and to price their risk more accurately. For the first time ever, the propensity of good tenants to pay their rent in full and on time month after month will translate into enhancement of their credit score. Historically, a good record of making mortgage payments has enhanced an individual's credit position but rental payment's didn't.

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Affordability Data

Many lenders are now sharing current account turnover data (CATO) with Experian, which represents a step forward for the estimation of income and affordability. CATO data offers the possibility of a more reliable source of income information, and this new data will be used as part of the solution to verify incomes stated on credit applications. The greater the level of data shared by the lender, the greater the insight the lender can access.

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Meet the team

Jonathan Westley

Managing Director, Experian Consumer Information Services.

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Sean Hutchins

Head of Product Management for Experian’s consumer bureau products.

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Paul Speirs

Head of Data and Business Development at Experian.

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Geoff Hunkin

Heads up Experian’s Client Consulting team for our UK&I Credit Services business.

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