Keeping your email addresses clean is key to maintaining your relationship with your customers and prospects. Clean your email lists today and maximise delivery, response rates and ROI.

Key features of address cleaning


Increased customer service

Clean email addresses will ensure your customers receive the communications intended for them. Whether that is a marketing communication or a confirmation of purchase, having the correct email address will help deliver good customer service.


Increased marketing performance

Clean email data will give you the confidence that your marketing messages are going to the right customers. Sending relevant and timely messages will help increase response rates and ultimately ROI.


A positive sender reputation

Poor email hygiene can result in your communications being filtered out by ISPs. Maintaining a healthy sender reputation with ISPs will ensure the delivery of campaigns.

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Customised integration

Our bulk email verification solution can be custom built into your existing email acquisition process allowing you to validate multiple email addresses at the same time, helping you to save time and money.


Managed service

We have a team of data quality experts who are on hand to clean your email lists. Using our email validate platform, our team will process your files and give you a summary of the results. Based on the findings, you can then decide whether or not an email clean is right for you.

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