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Helping to detect, monitor and assess the risk of fraud at every stage of your customer relationship.

To build trusted relationships with legitimate customers it is vital that you can accurately assess the likelihood of fraud and make the correct decisions about your customers before transactions have taken place.

Experian’s electronic Fraud Prevention and Detection tools allow you to detect, monitor and assess the risk of fraud at every stage of your customer relationship.


Detect works alongside your customer's application processing system and compares information supplied on the current application form with information held in Experian’s comprehensive databases.

Open Account Monitoring

Using a combination of unique data sources, the Fraud Open Account Monitoring service from Experian screens existing customer and collections accounts and monitors information to identify suspicious activity and detect ‘Bust Out’ or ‘Sleeper’ fraud.


Hunter enables you to detect, investigate and record fraud at the point of application.

Hunter works by checking applications against anomalies within the current application and previous applications and matches against previous known and suspected fraudulent applications.

Fraud Prevention Decision Analytics

Fraud prevention decision analytics gives you fast, accurate information so you can assess customers and detect fraud without negatively impacting your customer on-boarding process.

Fraud Networks

The Fraud Networks service is designed to automatically detect links in an application to pre-existing fraud networks.

Visualisation tools are provided to enable investigations and record outcomes.

Suspicious Activity Score

The Suspicious Activity Score is a household level assessment of the likelihood of fraud being perpetrated at any address.

By combining data about individuals and households at any point in the credit life-cycle, the propensity of fraud occurring at that address can be assessed.

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