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As the UK’s most trusted consumer credit monitoring service we understand data and data security. We pride ourselves in keeping your information safe from prying eyes. Your information is protected using the latest encryption standards. You can trust Experian with your information. We already help hundreds of organisations in the UK make sure that the right people get access to the right services and products.

What is an identity verification service?

When you’re using digital services, you need to be sure that your privacy is being protected and your data is secure. Government departments providing services online need to know it’s you (not someone pretending to be you), and to ensure your information is safe.

GOV.UK Verify uses identity verification from Experian to stop someone pretending to be you and help prevent identity theft.


How do I register for GOV.UK Verify?

Learn more about what you need to do to register for the GOV.UK Verify Scheme.


Where can I use GOV.UK Verify?

Learn about the latest services that are part of the GOV.UK Verify Scheme.


Frequently asked questions?

We've put together a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions from GOV.UK Verify users.

Why should I pick Experian?

Our goal is to help you access the GOV.UK services that you need as quickly as possible.



Your Experian Identity Account is completely free.



We pride ourselves on keeping your information safe from prying eyes.



Your information is protected using the latest encryption standards.

We’ll help you verify your identity securely and protect your personal information. We are continuously investing in new ways for you to verify your identity to make the process even easier for you.

We are trusted partners of hundreds of organisations in the UK, including all the major high street banks and we also run the UK’s No 1 credit monitoring service.


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