Identity authentication

To build trusted relationships with legitimate customers
it is vital that you can establish the identity of
your customer with confidence.

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Why is identity verification useful?

Genuine customers will easily be able to give you their correct details; who doesn’t know their name, address and date of birth? If we are able to verify the name and address via multiple sources you can be confident your customer is genuine and accept them. A fraudster with a stolen credit card will not have the  same information to hand and will usually fail this process.

Experian’s electronic Identity Authentication tools work to verify, validate and authenticate your customer’s identity in real-time, helping you establish identity and prevent fraud.

Identity Authenticate

An electronic, risk-based approach to confirm your customer’s identity. Authenticate captures, checks and validates your customer’s address and identity in just a few seconds.

This protects your organisation from the risk of fraud and speeds-up the customer validation process, increasing customer satisfaction.

Bank Wizard Absolute

Significantly improve efficiency and profitability by virtually eliminating transaction failures and minimising payment fraud.

Confirm in near real-time that bank account details belong to your customer, are linked to their address and that the card is in the correct format and in their possession for CNP transactions.

Identity IQ

Using trusted data sources Identity IQ generates questions that only the legitimate owner of the identity will know.

Identity Document Check

With organisations experiencing more fraudulent applications from individuals using fake ID Documents, protect against fraud with automated data capture and document verification..

Existing Records Authentication

Regular authentication of your existing customer base will keep you up-to-date with your ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) obligations.

Our consultants can run a bulk identity check against your customer database that’s tailored to meet your requirements.

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