Who we are

The modern world is built on data. Data is created whenever we interact with anything digitally, and every day we create more and more of it. This data matters to organisations and it matters to the people that own it – you!

Experian® believe data has the power to improve and ease our lives. It can create opportunities for people, organisations and society as a whole by connecting us in ways that are good for everyone.

The information found on these pages describe the marketing activities undertaken by our Marketing Services business only. If you wish to learn more about Experian’s wider operations in the UK and Ireland, please click here.

Meaningful Marketing Data

About Experian Marketing Services

We work to turn data into something meaningful for you. We gather, analyse, combine and process data responsibly to help people and organisations achieve their goals in an increasingly digital world.

We provide marketing products and services which help organisations to:

  1. Better understand the likely characteristics of their customer (that’s you)
  2. Communicate with you more effectively
  3. Offer you relevant products and services
  4. Find others like you across a range of marketing channels

This means organisations can make sure you receive advertising, marketing communications or public service messaging that’s most relevant to you. You might notice the impact of this when reading a letter or an email, watching TV, visiting a website, using an app or browsing social media.

These activities are separate from Experian’s marketing communications that we send for our own products and services.

How we use your data

While we’re passionate about data as a force for good, we know it may not always be the most exciting topic for you.

But given the importance of data in all our lives, we want to help you understand how we use yours. This will help you make informed decisions about whether you allow your personal data to be used by organisations for marketing purposes in the ways mentioned above.

What is the GDPR?

You may have heard of something called GDPR. This is the General Data Protection Regulation – it’s a piece of legislation which updates and strengthens data protection law across the European Union.

It became necessary to comply with this legislation in the UK and across the EU on May 25 2018.

Much of GDPR is built on existing data protection law, but the aim is to improve trust in digital services, to help to better protect your personal data and to give you more control over your data.

Trust, transparency and choice

Transparency is the key principle behind GDPR: an obligation for all organisations to provide you with more and clearer information about what happens to your data.

It also gives you more control and choice, giving you enhanced rights in relation to your personal data, and in some cases, to stop the processing of your data.

At its heart, GDPR is about the need to treat individuals fairly, a process through which organisations earn your trust and confidence.

Recent research by the UK’s Data & Marketing Association shows that the majority of us are prepared to share our personal data with organisations, particularly when there’s a mutual benefit.

However, we won’t do that unless we trust the organisation in question. We want to know how our data will be used before we share it.

At Experian we know that it’s our responsibility to respect any personal data we hold about you. It’s up to us to protect it, manage it, and make it easy for you to tell us not to use it.

Our Information Pages

That’s why we’ve created these information pages. We want to help you understand:

  • What data we hold about you
  • Where this data comes from
  • Where your data goes
  • How organisations use your data to create a better experience for you and your community
  • What marketing services we offer to organisations who may use your data
  • The provisions we put in place to ensure our clients keep your data secure

Above all, we respect your rights when it comes to the use of your data. We aim to show you how this is used, in a clear and transparent way. You can manage your marketing preferences or tell us if you object to Experian processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes by clicking the button below. It’s your choice.

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