Achieve online identification with Onsite personalisation 

Use the power of Experian data to personalise digital interactions. Gain immediate access to Experian insight on any visitor to your website allowing you to automatically personalise their experience from the very first interaction.

Personalisation is key when it comes to offering a great customer experience, whether it’s through email, social media or special offers. However, personalisation can be a challenge when data is lacking, for example on new visitors to your website, this is where we come in. We help to personalise the content of a webpage to match the needs and preferences of new customers.


Consistent Engagement

Ensure consistency by using the same data sets throughout the customer journey, both online and offline.

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Optimised User Experience

Optimise and personalise customers experiences, utilising Experian's existing segmentations (or your own in-house segmentation) on your website to keep web-visitors and potential customers engaged and driven towards conversion.

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Bespoke Segmentation

Create bespoke segments for your individual needs using Experian data, so you can easily and consistently deliver better personalised experiences.

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Using onsite personalisation to better understand your customers

Gathering meaningful data about web visitors or customers can be time consuming. A lot of data collection happens during or after a transaction – when it’s too late to offer those potential customers a more personalised experience. This is where Audience Insights can help. By giving you access to a full range of Experian data we can help reveal more about a new visitor from the moment they land on your website. This means you can immediately present the products, services, content or experiences that are more relevant for the customer.


How does Audience Insights work?

When someone visits a website for the first time, Audience Insights:

- Returns fresh, accurate data to the website or app - enabling you to immediately optimise the content, which improves the customer journey

- Shines light on whether a related device has visited the site before - allowing a more complete view of the customer journey

- Integrates with optimisation and retargeting platforms – helping you drive conversions


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Audience Extension

Recognising an individual across multiple devices can be a challenge. Experian identifies associated devices – even if you have only interacted with one before. Use this insight to join the dots and communicate more effectively with your customers and prospects.


How can Audience Extension help?

Audience Extension helps you communicate more effectively with your customers and prospects by joining the dots between different devices so that you can see which devices are associated to each other – even if you have only encountered one of them. When someone has visited your website, you’ll typically want to communicate with them again in a specific way with a specific message – or maybe you want to exclude them from a specific campaign. It’s the individual you want to reach, not just the device they used for that particular engagement. Audience Extension enables you to deliver that same tailored message across all of a consumer’s devices, not just the one they used for that particular engagement, allowing you to tailor the message to the individual.


Why use Audience Extention?

1. Increased pool of devices

By finding all the devices that belong to an individual or household, you increase the size and availability of your messaging pool which allows you to promote consistent, accurate messaging towards customers and prospects.


2. Smarter audience capabilities

With a wider pool of devices available for marketing activities you can drive more effective digital campaigns, particularly when it comes to retargeting and suppressing potential customers. For example, you may want to exclude all devices associated with an individual who is simply not eligible or if they have already converted. This helps save time and money as you can start focusing more on the most relevant consumers.


3. Improved customer experience

By improving insight generation and activation you can deliver a much more personalised customer experience. Linking up all the devices associated with an individual or household can you give you a more complete view of your customers, allowing you to connect with them more effectively.


How does Audience Extension work?

 Audience Extension Graphic


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