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Managing the regulators in a volatile marketManaging the regulators in a volatile market - Experian whitepaper
Today’s financial institutions face unprecedented challenges that are forcing them to reconsider many of their established business processes.
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The affordability challengeThe affordability challenge - Experian briefing paper
This briefing paper offers background, information and advice on assessing affordability for UK lenders, who are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate that they are lending responsibly while increasing lending volumes.
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Exploiting the Single Customer View to Maximise the Value of Customer RelationshipsExploiting the Single Customer View to Maximise the Value of Customer Relationships
This briefing paper examines the key issues, drivers and challenges that businesses face in achieving and exploiting a single view of their customers.
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Monthly DigestMonthly Digest - Opinion on current trends or marketi insights: Are you making the most of stress testing?
There has been increased focus by regulators, in recent years, both at home and abroad, over the vulnerabilities to consumer and commercial lending portfolios from alternative and even more extreme potential outcomes.
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Fraudster case studyFraudster case study - Understanding the mind of a fraudster

Fraud costs. At present the UK’s annual fraud bill is estimated at £73 billion-a-year and rising.
But to tackle it, we think it’s vital to get inside the mind of the fraudster.  Understanding the who, the what, when, where and why, is critical in the fight against fraud.

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Interim Fraud Report 2012Interim Fraud Report 2012 - Review of H1 Trends

During the course of the last year and notably within the past six months, fraudsters are clearly becoming faster, more flexible and adaptable as they switch from product to product in order to try to cash in on opportunities.

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Cost effective recovery routes to social housing tenancy fraudCost effective recovery routes to social housing tenancy verification fraud

The full scale of Britain’s social housing fraud is not known for certain - but all agree it is a serious problem.

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Tackling fraud and risk in commercial lendingTackling fraud and risk in commercial lending

Fraud within commercial lending continues to be a critical challenge for banks and other financial organisations alike with the resulting losses always affecting profitability. But amid the downturn, there is now increased pressure on banks to free up commercial lending funds.

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Test and Learn ProgrammesTest and Learn Programmes

On a day to day basis, organisations make many decisions on implementing new ideas without having anything more than intuition to back them up.

Some may offer war stories of previous experiences but, in more cases than not.

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Social Media BrochureSocial Media Brochure

Experian CheetahMail has made a serious commitment to and investment in, social media. We believe that to truly succeed, companies need to entrench social media marketing into their digital and email strategy; utilising the channel to its fullest potential. We believe that this takes its form through acquisition, engagement and analysis.

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Big Data: an evolution not a revolutionBig Data: an evolution not a revolution

The increasing volume, velocity and variety of data will soon begin to impact organisations, generating great opportunities to add significant value to businesses if managed correctly.

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Preparing your data for SEPA migrationDont delay. Get SEPA ready today - Preparing your data for SEPA migration

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) initiative creates a zone in which all euro electronic payments are treated as domestic by removing existing differences between national and pan-European cross-border payments.

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Counting the hidden costs of SEPA migrationCounting the hidden costs of SEPA migration - Analysis of impact of poor domestic data migration

SEPA imposes a mandatory duty on banks to switch existing payments applications and databases, in favour of new payment schemes.

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Optimise customer level decisions in the collections environmentOptimise customer level decisions in the collections environment

Debt collection is no longer considered a cost centre – it has become a front-line profit driver since financial organisations increasingly realised the huge impact its collections operations have on their financial results.

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How to recruit good people without riskHow to recruit good people without risk

Background checking can be a minefield in recruitment.
Download our free guide 'How to recruit good people without risk'.

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How to manage your cashflowHow to manage your cashflow

As a growing business, it's important to understand the ins and outs of maintaining a healthy cashflow. To give you a helping hand, here's our quick guide to the basics.

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How to improve your credit scoreHow to improve your credit score

Whether you're a new business that needs start-up funding, or a growing company that needs the funds for expansion, credit score can affect the success of your applications. Here's our quick guide to the basics.

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London Borough of Hillingdon

The authority opted for Experian Social Housing Tenancy Verification Service to analyse the level of tenancy misuse. Find out more


M&S explores faster, smarter and more effective location planning. Find out more calls upon Experian Marketing Services to implement mobile solution for their business and customers. Find out more

Rank Interactive

Experian innovation underpins the future of remote gaming. Find out more

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