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Understand and improve your business credit report

Been turned down for credit? Concerned about how your business looks to suppliers and lenders? The difference between getting a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ could be as simple as managing your credit rating.

Subscribe to My Business Profile and you’ll get:

  • Full visibility of your credit report – includes previous searches, credit account and business information
  • Visibility of what’s affecting your credit score – preventing you from being able to obtain business credit

Simply choose the package which best suits your business:



Key benefits of My Business Profile:

  • Help to improve your credit score by managing your report
  • Confidence when applying for finance or going to tender
  • Immediately address any changes which adversely affect your report
  • Know that your credit report is correct and up-to-date
  • Help to protect your business from fraud
  • 24/7 access to check your report
  • Unlimited downloads of your report

Features include:

  • Find out the top factors influencing your score – see what factors are having a positive or negative influence, so you can understand any issues and start to fix them
  • See what the banks and other providers of credit account agreements use when you apply for credit or finance – one of the only reports to include commercial CAIS** data; the score takes into account any loans, mortgages and other credit secured against your business, along with details of your payment performance
  • Unlimited access and downloads of your report – your report is delivered to you in real time, rather than a snapshot report. Therefore, you’re able to see how your profile changes as you improve key factors affecting your score and you can download up-to-date copies of your report as and when you need them
  • Automatic alerts about significant changes to your profile – every time there’s a major change to your credit report or when someone has credit searched your business, helping you to reduce fraud and enabling you to act quickly to reduce any negative impacts to your score
  • On-going advice and support – from an Experian business credit expert to help make your business credit score the best it can be

Looking for Own Company Report?

You may notice that we've simplified our business credit report offering. We listened to customer feedback and made several enhancements to our business credit reports to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive view of your business credit profile. We’ve now combined all the benefits of Own Company Report* into My Business Profile to bring you a streamlined offering.

*If you have recently purchased Own Company Report and are still within your 30 day consultation period. Please call 0844 481 8888 if you have any queries about your report.

**Pronounced ‘keys’, Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS) is our proprietary shared database of credit history. To find out more about CAIS, please download a copy of our Commercial CAIS guide.

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