White paper: Improving decisions across the Customer Lifecycle

It’s more important than ever for organisations to make the right customer decisions—and harder than ever to do.

Companies know that the ability to repeatedly make the right customer decisions, is essential to profitable growth, sharper risk management and higher-performing portfolios. However, volatile, fast-moving markets, economic and regulatory change, and new sources of competition make the right decision a moving target.

Companies pursuing higher performance must find ways to simultaneously adapt to change. They have to work harder to rapidly pull insights about customer behaviour and market trends from huge quantities of their own data as well as data from other sources. They work harder just to surmount process gaps and obstacles caused by traditional methods of developing and deploying decisioning strategies and tools. Incompatible software, different data formats, and lack of integration between strategy design and execution mean that too much time is being spent just on the mechanics of customer decisions. Click the link below to download a copy of the white paper.