We understand that your employees are your most important asset, but in today’s competitive recruitment market the demand for top talent is ever more prevalent. To stay ahead of the competition and achieve your business goals, you need to ensure you are retaining your employees, and reducing the high costs of employee churn - but making the right decisions on the future of your workforce can be tricky.

Introducing Workforce Analytics for Retention, an innovative solution that uses our in-house predictive modelling technology to strategically analyse your employee data, helping you to make intelligent decisions on the future of your workforce.

Visualised in a simple to use online portal, Experian Workforce Analytics for Retention enables organisations to truly understand their employee population. Allowing the right HR strategy to be implemented at an overall macro, team and individual level.



What are the benefits of Experian Workforce Analytics for Retention?


Retain talent

A businesses most important asset is its workforce. Futureproof yours, and be ahead of the competition by ensuring you are aware of those at risk of leaving your business, with enough time to take action to retain them.



Make data driven decisions

By seeing the specific factors that are driving the risk score for each employee, and accurately understanding your employee population, you can make intelligent decisions to protect the future of your business.



High attrition rates mean high cost

With Experian Workforce Analytics for Retention, not only will you be more likely to retain skilled workers and save the costs of recruitment, but the detailed risk scores give you visibility on where you should be focusing your retention strategies, so you can make sure you are investing in the right area.



A happy workforce leads to a happy business

By using Experian Workforce Analytics for Retention to analyse your employees, you can view if business policies such as incentives, pay rises and training have positively contributed to employee retention, helping you to develop stronger strategies for future workforce motivation and retention.


How does Experian Workforce Analytics for Retention work?


Read the Case Study

On how to safeguard talent and save c.$14m with predictive workforce analytics.



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