A powerful, intelligent online platform to handle your entire commercial credit management process.

BusinessIQ delivers solutions at every stage of the commercial credit life cycle, right to your desktop.

BusinessIQ ensures that you have tools for taking on a new business client, making credit decisions, automating credit applications, managing your customer portfolios and receiving alerts. It includes many additional features which are designed to create a single credit management portal, including audit trails, easy user configuration, a task manager, recording of notes, a configurable home page dashboard, report storage and more.

The BusinessIQ dashboard is customisable to your needs with a number of modules you can choose from including; Reporting, Alerts, PortfolioDecisioning and Authenticate.


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Access UK and international business, director/owner information and credit reports

The UK ‘Reports’ module comes as standard on the BusinessIQ platform and gives you instant access to limited, non-limited, sole trader and PLC credit reports. If you need information in international markets, we have an ‘International Reports’ module you can add to your package.

Through the rich information available in these reports you’ll gain a greater understanding and insight into the financial standing of a company by combining personal financial information of the people behind the business with comprehensive commercial data.


Proactive alerts for proactive responses

Stay up-to-date with the ‘Alerts’ module so you’re in the know when something changes with a business you deal with.

  • Quickly know about changes that could affect your business with email notifications
  • Be the first to know if a business may not be able to pay
  • Prioritise your workflow properly
  • Manage risk and improve cash flow by receiving notifications whenever there's been a change to your customers or suppliers accounts

Business changes could include:

  • Change of company name
  • Change of credit rating
  • Change of credit limit
  • Change of head office address
  • Change of director or business structure
  • Change in payment performance

Automate your credit decision making

Set your own credit policies within the 'Decisioning' module, combining scores, analytics and policies to help you make your credit decisions scalable as you grow.

From the most basic, to the most complex of credit policies, the Decisioning Module gives you the power to make the best decisions for your business.

  • Gain operational efficiency through automation: with consistent decisions, free of subjectivity you can focus on applications that need more attention
  • Flexible system with central control: align credit policies and decision rules or create bespoke rules to different products, business areas or offices
  • Feedback on the performance of the decision process: a series of management information that updates instantly to show you how your decision process is performing
  • Utilise the efficiencies of automated decisioning by integrating the Decisioning API into your own systems, workflows and websites

Analyse and evaluate the risk of individual and groups of businesses

The ‘Portfolio’ module groups, profiles and segments businesses in your customer and prospect databases to help you to analyse and evaluate risk levels across your portfolio.

No matter how many accounts you manage, ‘Portfolio’ allows you to easily track the vital data. With just a few clicks, you can see which businesses are declining, which are improving, and which need immediate attention. ‘Portfolio’ helps you not only protect your business against risk, but it also allows you to quickly identify opportunities for your business.


Validate and verify an individuals identity

The ‘Authenticate’ module helps you to easily identify and validate company directors, secretaries and major shareholders. Use ‘Authenticate’ to support your efforts in complying with the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) / Fast Action Task Force (FATF) regulations and FCA requirements.

Authenticate is an electronic verification service that is a fast, effective and simple method of authenticating an individual’s identity. This can be achieved without inconvenient delays for both you and your customer, and without the expense of verifying and storing documentation as proof of identity. Delivers identity verification in real-time to speed up your process.


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