Helping you drive your business forward with a range of B2B services for the automotive sector

Whether it’s checking vehicles in the showroom or planning strategies in the boardroom, we have a range of data, analytics, software and decisioning solutions that can help.

With over 39 million vehicles on UK roads, the variables and risks associated with motoring are massive – factors such as age and mix of vehicles, plus the use of new technology, has altered the landscape.

Our insight will help to give you a clear market view with demographic, economic and vehicle statistics enabling effective market assessment and planning.

We can give you the tools to react quickly to market changes and help you to operate in a profitable, risk assured manner, all whilst ensuring positive outcomes for customers.

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We appreciate the importance of managing your assets. That’s why we’re equipped to give you the most accurate details on your vehicles. Our data keeps you in the know, with accurate vehicle provenance mileage checks, owner details, real-time vehicle valuations and information on specifications and parts.



Whether it be checking the finance of a vehicle or ensuring it hasn’t been registered as written off, stolen, exported or scrapped – Experian AutoCheck provides you with high quality, comprehensive vehicle provenance and valuation information at the click of a button.


Cazana Companion

Using big data from vehicle classifieds to understand the current and future value of vehicles, Cazana Companion can help you to make more competitive pricing decisions by harnessing the power of real-time retail data.


Vehicle Mileage Check

Agreed and approved by the Trading Standards and designed specifically to protect you, Vehicle Mileage Check provides instant proof of due diligence in the form of a PDF certificate, verifying you are taking the appropriate measures to validate the accuracy of a vehicle’s mileage, whilst we do the investigation work for you.

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Your sector:

We offer a wider range of services to a number of industry sectors to drive better customer experience and help your business grow.


Auction & Remarketing

We understand that you need to sell or remarket fleet and lease vehicles in the most profitable way possible. We can provide you with the tools to help you accurately identify the age and market value of a vehicle to determine the correct method of remarketing the vehicle.


Automotive Finance

Bank, captive lender, independent specialist lender or broker, at Experian we can help you to move forward with any secured lending against a vehicle asset. With our extensive range of automotive databases and software, we can assist you with information on fleet management, from asset identification and registration to credit risk policy and market insight.


Fleet & Leasing

Our car fleet management services are designed to help you to reduce down time and increase profits. From full contract hire to specific services, whatever your fleet management specialty, we’ll help you identify every vehicle in your fleet, so you can better manage your assets.



Our data and insights assist motor insurance consumers, insurers, brokers and aggregators all over the UK, every day. We can quickly and efficiently identify any vehicle and its background, so you can better understand the risks, as well as the potential premiums. From quote to claim settlement, our automotive database delivers the details you need to manage the entire insurance process.


Motor Retail

Solving business challenges. That’s what our automotive databases and analytics help millions of businesses do every day. Whether you’re an independent dealer, national group or PLC, our data can assist you at every decision point, helping you to better serve your customers and business clients.


Vehicle Manufacturers

Our automotive data covers a wealth of topics in the area of used car retailing, from where to locate a dealership through to the best communication channels to use with customers, helping you to make better decisions and be able to better support your customers throughout the vehicle lifecycle.


We understand that every business is different, which is why our automotive solutions can be tailored to suit your needs. From easy-to-access online platforms, to bespoke APIs that can be integrated into your own systems - we can make sure you have access to the data you need, when you need it.

Our flexible delivery and integration options allow you to select the data block or field you need, from vehicle provenance information, to date of registration and keeper changes. We can give you the information you need to help you to make faster, smarter decisions, with comprehensive support and guidance throughout the journey.