MarketIQ - The essential market intelligence platform

Profile, monitor, track, analyse and compare businesses.

Gain accurate and timely market and business insight, to help you give the best advice and make the best decisions. MarketIQ gives you a broad and deep source of corporate, deal, financial and risk information.

As well as a dedicated Account Manager, you have direct access to Experian MarketIQ product specialists and research analysts committed to helping you make the most of the detailed insight available.

MarketIQ reveals new layers of market understanding, combining Experian’s global M&A database with comprehensive Companies House data and our market leading business, financial and risk databases – all on a single, easy to use web platform.

Be better informed, more confident in your decisions, and ready to make the most of opportunities as they arise.

MarketIQ features:

  • Quick, and customisable search
  • Create your own filters based on the information that’s relevant to you
  • Real time alerts
  • Extract, analyse and export  the data
  • Upload lists of companies for further analysis
  • Graphical data visualisation
  • Responsive design
  • Dedicated Account Manager and access to research analysts to help you make the most of the detailed insight available

MarketIQ is used extensively by:


Broad and deep sources of accurate and up-to-date corporate, deal, financial and business information on a single, accessible and easy-to-use platform.

Business Development

Identify market and business development opportunities before others do.

Corporate Finance

Make the most of merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities as they arise.


Experian MarketIQ is an essential market intelligence platform for any law firm involved in M&A activity.

Private Equity

Boost deal origination, improve portfolio management, identify deal opportunities before your competitors, or create opportunities for secondary funding or exit based on detailed knowledge.

Public Sector

Reduce or prevent fraud, increase collections, manage debt, deliver intelligent procurement, increase customer insight, improve data quality, save money or drive efficiencies.


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