What is the Payment Performance Programme?

Payment Performance is a free of charge sales ledger sharing programme that provides in-depth analysis of your customers payment trends. 

How can the Payment Performance Programme help you?



Identify the good and bad payers on your ledger



Improve your cash collection and secure prompt payment



Get access to summarised financial credit data and upgraded scorecard 



Help to build a comprehensive picture of payment behaviour for UK businesses

Experian's Payment Performance Programme combines over 16 million ledger transactions a month worth over £10billion providing a true insight into the payment behaviour of UK businesses.

Becoming a member of the programme provides you with detailed analysis of the payment behaviour of your customers, allowing you to manage risk and collections across your ledger.

As a member you will:

  • Receive a monthly Days Beyond Terms report – enabling you to see how your customers are paying you versus their other suppliers
  • See a complete customer view of your ledger and be able to consolidate and identify risk at group level
  • Be eligible for access to summarised financial credit data and upgraded risk scorecard within Experian products

Data sharing enables you to manage your customers more effectively by identifying and understanding your biggest credit risks and reacting quickly.

To become a Data Partner and member of our programme, please contact us to request a call back.

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Did you know?

Following changes to credit data sharing rules, Payment Performance members now have the opportunity to access summarised Credit Account data.

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