Affordability solutions perform assessments across the credit lifecycle to check income and prevent fraud

If you want to quickly fill roles with the right people then you’ve come to the right place. We can give you the software, data and services you need to carry out pre-employment and existing employee background checks to help you to recruit with confidence.

How can an Experian Customer Affordability Check help you?

  • Income Verification: using current account information to identify an individual income.
  • Income Estimation: Understand a customer's outstanding debt profile in relation to their income and monitor their financial changes of circumstance
  • Monthly Disposable Income: assess each customer's monthly affordability situation and ability to pay.

Who is it for?

Personal Loands & Mortgages
Credit Cards
Automotive Finance

Experian's Affordability Solutions

Experian's Affordability Solutions use our machine learning platform, trusso to categorize transactional data which can be used to enhance existing bureau data and improve the accuracy of your affordability decision.

Customers that might previously have been rejected can be assessed using more detailed bank transaction data. Customer’s with thin credit files or who are ‘New to Country’ can have their affordability assessed and reviewed facilitating access to credit.

Experian’s Affordability Checks can help you to check customers easily through:

Data access - delivering bureau data and account transactional data using secure API's, giving you a holistic view of a person's ability to afford credit.

Data aggregation - Verdus, our data aggregation platform, brings together and manages the data exchange between lenders and banks.

Data analysis - Trusso, our automated categorisation engine, takes raw data and in real time splits into income and expenditure categories.

Data supply - Using secure API’s the data is supplied to the lender. Enabling you to offer a seamless personalised customer experience.

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