Consumer Advantage: Insight and tools to support your customers and their financial wellbeing

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Discover more about your customers.


Empower them with their financial information.


Strengthen your relationships through interaction, transparency and trust.

Helping you connect with your customers and deliver against your business challenges

When you can provide consumer-connected, data-driven insight at the point of every interaction, you can serve your customers with just the right messages, tools and products.

It’s about giving your customers the ability to take control of their credit and financial status, and delivering relevant information so they can make the right plans and purchasing decisions. It all helps drive up customer engagement, loyalty and value.

Make faster decisions

When your customers have instant access to their credit score, you’re giving them knowledge and power to choose products and services they’re likely to be accepted for. It shortens the decision journey for new products and services, and smooths the customer experience from the beginning. And it means you’ll be able to work faster to convert your upsell or cross sell opportunities.


  • See instant, real-time data updates, giving you and your customers a live snapshot of their financial status
  • Educate your customers on how to react quickly if they think they’re at risk of identity fraud

Grow your business

By giving your customers better value, through a more personalised service with greater transparency, you’ll be actively driving business growth. Giving your customers access to their credit score often triggers consideration of new products and services. They’ll be able to see what is best suited to them and see what they need to do to access better options in the future.


  • Gain access to credit history data on more than one billion individuals worldwide, for a broader, more in-depth view of your customers’ credit profiles
  • Choose the services most suitable for your business, no matter what size, lending type or vertical
  • Increase customer retention, attract new customers and give them more value using our comprehensive solutions

Embrace innovation

New, embedded data services put you ahead of the game. You can use our consumer insights to build a better understanding of your customers’ needs, so you can tailor offers and solutions to them. The tools are a USP as well, and actively show your customers that you’re a modern business.


  • Combine your own data with third party data and our market-leading data universe to create new customer interactions and insights.
  • Create an agile decision-making process for both your business and your customers with powerful analytics.
  • Co-create a bespoke solution that suits your business and consumer needs.

Empowering consumers in a data-driven world

Creating memorable experiences and advantage for people

Less than a third of customers believe their organisation or bank know them and their financial needs well. 80% of people view their banking relationships as transactional, not advice-based. With us, you can change this.

Working with our clients, we create both off-the-shelf and bespoke tools for customers to use. By using our vast data sets, UX design capabilities, API technology and the strength of the Experian brand, together we can create new ways to understand and connect business with their customers.

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