Really getting to know your customers. It’s the first step towards understanding their individual needs, behaviour and financial wellbeing.

We’ll help you get to know your customers, so you can give them exactly the help they need. With Experian’s credit risk data and models, you’ll know which products are right for them.

We use complex analytics to create intelligent data models and predictive scorecards. It enables us to match affordability, personal, credit, transaction and property data. Plus, our vast data sources are constantly evolving, because we’re always looking for innovative ways to give you better understanding of credit risk.

Experian Credit 3D

Experian’s Credit 3D is a suite of consumer risk scores and models that enable you to understand an individual throughout their relationship with you.  From the moment they apply for your products and services, to understanding any changes to their circumstances such as buying a new house or starting a family, we can give you the insight that you need to enable you to make decisions that look after their best interests in the moments that matter.  To offer them the right products at the right time to allow you to grow your business.



We’ll help you guide people to the right product for them based on a deeper understanding of their financial position.


Delphi for Customer Management

Need to stay ahead by offering your existing customers the most appropriate products and services for their individual needs? Our scorecard can help.


Delphi for New Business

Our scorecard is designed specifically to support confident and responsible decision making in the application process.



We can help you understand and anticipate customer needs by showing you how likely they are to use new credit products.


Trended Data

Combine credit score and alternative data for a complete view of your customer.



Consumer Data

We turn complex data into clear insights that help you better understand and support your customers.


Debt Management Data

We’ll enhance your consumer data with additional information, giving you a richer understanding of your customers.


Property Data

Access our property data to confirm property ownership, equity and any planned house moves. It’ll help you to make responsible lending decisions.



We’ll help you pin together fragmented or siloed data, allowing a single view of all the products and services a customer takes from you.


Tracing Solutions

Find and reconnect with your lost customers, faster.

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