By finding connections between data elements, such as name and address, our data matching software can find all duplicates in your database. The powerful matching engine can identify linked or similar records taking into account issues such as keyboard errors, missing words or letters, extra words or letters, nicknames and multicultural name variations.

Experian’s data matching software uses fuzzy matching and multicultural intelligence to find similarities within personal and business data sets. Unlike other products that look for exact matches, we use multiple search algorithms in order to find the most matches possible regardless of exact spelling or sequencing.

Our matching solutions are as follows:


Real-time matching

Integrate our deduplication API into your website or applications. As a new record is created, our matching solution instantly determines whether it is a duplicate.


List processing service

Our online batch service allows you to clean your list on a regular basis or as often as you require by searching for name matches and duplicates.


Aperture Data Studio

Our easy-to-use data management software includes Experian Match as a workflow step that can be used as part of any data quality initiative.


How does it work?

Technical information

Experian Match offers industry-leading speed, reliability and ease of use. With the ability to provide fast and accurate matches on multiple fields within a database, this deduplication solution was built with its end users in mind. Its robust architecture allows for customisation of matching criteria, searching techniques, integration approaches, phonetic algorithms, rule sets and more.

  • Integration into your applications and databases to instantly determine if a new record is a duplicate through the use of fuzzy searching and phonetic matching functionality
  • Fast performance batch-processing engine that is used for duplicate identification and merge/purge operations
  • Name and address matching for business and customer records

Benefits of data matching

By using duplicate identification software, you can consolidate your customer records for performance efficiency, enhanced business intelligence and improved database integrity. Without data harmonisation, customer information is spread across multiple records, dividing intelligence and insight, making it challenging to produce meaningful connections with your consumers across channels.

Creating a Single Customer View (SCV) and achieving greater customer insight is a key step for any data-driven business.


Reduce costs and increase revenue


Foster customer loyalty


Become more process efficient


Achieve regulatory compliance


Towards a Universal Customer View

We explore how organisations can turn their data into useful information, unlocking its value, and delivering outcomes for their customers through a Universal Customer View.

Single Customer View Guide

Explore how a  Single Customer View can drive your data initiatives forward by helping you achieve greater customer insight.

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