Rapidly deliver data-driven initiatives, such as data quality, data governance and data migration, using our end-to-end data quality management platform.

Experian Pandora helps you determine the status of your data through data analysis, data prototyping, and data management processes. Delivering rapid time-to-value has been a key mission since the product was conceived, with users always impressed by the huge gains in productivity they witness within the first days of deployment.

Explore the platform's technical information to find out how Pandora enables you to capture and maintain trustworthy data - capable of delivering real value for your business.

Why is Experian Pandora so different


Ease of use

Designed for people who understand the data with no need for coding


Performance levels

Purpose-built to analyse billions of records faster than other solutions


Speed to value

See a rapid return on your investment with no hidden costs


One of our associate analysts was able to complete a data migration impact assessment of an entire government system in under 3 days using Experian. With conventional approaches this would have taken weeks.


John Morris - Author of Practical Data Migration


How can Experian Pandora help you


Data Migration

Provides the connectivity, rapid loading, powerful profiling, workflow management and easy prototyping to ensure a successful migration.


Data Profiling

Quickly and easily profile data to understand deficiencies as an essential first step to cleansing, joining and validating data.


Data Preparation

Proactively identify data quality issues before they negatively impact your business through robust data quality dashboarding, reusable workflows and business rules.


Data Governance

Through a range of governance-specific abilities such as mapping, business glossary management and stewardship monitoring you can govern your data to grow your business, stay compliant, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.



Prepare data in readiness for statutory reporting and enhance the transparency of data and processes to de-risk compliance initiatives.

Download our Free Data Profiler and get value from your data in minutes.

The Free Data Profiler is a user-friendly and powerful data profiling tool that can help people across all of your business to discover patterns and meaning in your data.

Whether they need to quickly spot trends, or you have a team managing a data quality project - the Free Data Profiler allows you to upload data and drive monetary value in minutes.

Only available to UK registered companies

  • Self-service data profiling
  • Analyse 50+ million records across 50 tables
  • Proactively analyses your data to find relationships and potential issues
  • Complete profile of all your data - no sampling!
  • Analyse data from different systems and across multiple tables
  • Create custom rules for effortless data quality reporting 

Experian Pandora Guide

Explore the full guide for Experian Pandora, covering all of its functionality and how this will help you in your next data project.



Schroders - Pandora in action

Find out how Experian Pandora has helped Schroders to identify and quantify the exact causes of errors and failures in their operational systems.

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